The Advisory panel

Meet the experts who form our Advisory Panel. Nominet extend their thanks to our Advisory Panel for their contribution to designing the Index. You can find out more about the panel and their expertise below.

Rosie Blackett headshot

Young Persons Participation and Development Worker, The House Project

Rosie Blackett

Rosie is a care experienced professional and former police officer now working for The National House Project, a charity that supports young people transitioning from care to independent living.

Peter Jacobs headshot

Innovation and Technology Consultant, Barnados

Peter Jacobs

Ex Head of Digital and Technology at the Royal Foundation, currently working with Barnardo’s Innovation Lab on how technology can support young people. Trustee at Charity Digital.

Dr Emma Stone headshot

Director of Evidence and Engagement, Good Things Foundation

Dr Emma Stone

Emma leads research, comms and engagement at the UK’s leading digital inclusion charity, delivering programmes and advocating to fix the digital divide alongside community partners.

Kat Dixon headshot

Director of Partnerships, Catch22

Kat Dixon

Kat is a digital thinker, who believes in the power of a device, data and encouragement. At Catch22, she builds services driven by inclusive digital access for all.

Matt Jackson headshot

Director of Foresight and Strategy at Impact Works Associates

Matt Jackson

Matt brings 20 years experience working in the charity sector, with a focus on young people and how tech can help charities have best impact.

Justin Spooner headshot

Director, Unthinkable

Justin Spooner

A digital strategist working in education and culture at Unthinkable, Justin is passionate about how the right technology can improve human connection, learning and creativity.

Research and Development Director, Parent Zone

Cliff Manning

As R&D director at Parent Zone, Cliff is exploring ways to improve outcomes for children in a connected world through more effective support for families and turn to professionals.

Head of Responsible Transformation, Lloyds Banking Group

Jemma Waters

Jemma leads the Lloyds Banking Group Responsible Transformation team - using data, design and digital capabilities, the team deliver sustainability and societal impact initiatives inside and outside the bank.

Kayleigh Wainwright headshot

Joint Director of Collective Action, UK Youth

Kayleigh Wainwright

Kayleigh is responsible for leading a cross-sector movement of youth workers, young people and cross sector leaders to work together in accelerating positive outcomes for young people.

Op Opinium

Opinium is an award-winning, full-service research agency with a global reach.

Where is the data from?

Nominet partnered with Opinium to collect the data. Exploratory qualitative research with young people, parents, secondary school teachers, youth workers and social workers fed into the design of the Digital Youth Index. We then then surveyed 2,000 8 – 25 year olds to robustly measure what it feels like to be a young person growing up in a digital world.

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