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The Nominet Digital Youth Index is a benchmarking tool offering insight into young people’s digital lives; their attitudes, behaviours, perceptions and experiences. It’s a deep dive into the opportunities and issues, highlighting emerging themes and trends nationwide.

Identifying barriers to the connected, secure and inclusive digital future all young people deserve.

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A two-phase methodology was used for the 2023 Digital Youth Index – an initial quantitative survey followed by qualitative research.

A robust online audience of young people were surveyed on the research questions. To ensure we captured a ‘state of the nation’ benchmark on the role of digital technology in young people’s lives and delivered comparable results to previous years, we surveyed a nationally representative sample of 4,000 people aged 8-25.

To further explore emerging patterns from the Digital Youth Index we conducted follow-up qualitative research. The qualitative phase included an online pop-up community with 20 young people, with five additional in-depth interviews conducted with youth workers to get their unique perspectives on the themes arising from the quantitative survey.

It’s a powerful combination of stories and numbers for a clear picture of young people’s relationship with digital technology. Dive into the data with our interactive tool, check out the insights we’ve picked up on and join us as we use the insight from their experiences to make meaningful change.

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Op Opinium

Opinium is an award-winning, full-service research agency with a global reach.

Where is the data from?

Nominet partnered with Opinium to collect the data. Exploratory qualitative research with young people, parents, secondary school teachers, youth workers and social workers fed into the design of the Digital Youth Index. We then then surveyed 4,000 8 – 25 year olds to robustly measure what it feels like to be a young person growing up in a digital world.

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Data to deliver positive change in the digital lives of young people – for connectivity, security and inclusivity for all.

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How are we helping young people to realise the benefits of their digital lives?

Nominet’s Social Impact Programme is built around meeting the needs and alleviating the challenges facing young people in today’s digital society. Data helps focus our work and ensure projects deliver tangible benefits to the lives and life chances of this critical demographic.

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