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Our data snapshots put the spotlight on some of the key insights from the Nominet Digital Youth Index. Within each snapshot we explore the detail behind the insight, why it matters and the points we need to consider to address the implications for young people.

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2.1 million young adults are at risk of becoming digital castaways - how do we leave no one behind?

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Internet safety and countering harms

6 February 2023

The apparent disconnect in young people’s perception of internet safety

The vast majority of young people report they feel safe online, despite a quarter having encountered violence (26%), trolling or abuse (23%), or unsolicited sexual content (23%).

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Physical & mental wellbeing
Silhouette of young person using phone

13 December 2021

Risks and online support

Nearly 3 in 5 (58%) young LGBTQ+ people, and over 2 in 5 (43%) of young people who are Black, Asian or another ethnic minority, have experienced hate speech online, compared to 37% of young people overall.

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Physical & mental wellbeing
Young person in forest taking pictures with phone

13 December 2021

Mental health and wellbeing

Although many young people report that their use of the internet and digital devices has a positive impact on their mental health there is a notable increase by age of young people reporting a negative impact.

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Digital skills and careers
Young child using table in dark setting

13 December 2021

Left to own devices

Young people who are not in any form of education, employment or training are far more likely to be teaching themselves digital skills (73%), as are those in the C2DE social grade (52%).

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Digital access and inclusion
Young person on phone at night

13 December 2021

Fit for Purpose Devices

While the majority of young people with internet access at home say they have access to a good quality connection, more than one in ten do not.

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Digital skills and careers
Young person looking at desktop screen

3 November 2021

You (probably) don’t look like me: Tech jobs are least appealing to those most impacted by inadequate tech

It is no surprise that the demographic who design digital services affects who ends up using them and in turn who shows up in data; further deepening the inequality of an already unequal system.

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