You (probably) don’t look like me: Tech jobs are least appealing to those most impacted by inadequate tech

Technology-related jobs are more appealing to younger children, young men, and those with higher income levels

Overall, young people are attracted to the idea of having a job that involves technology and view digital skills as essential for their future career development. However, that desire is higher among young men (78% vs 64% for all young people).

Graph showing future career preferences for males and females

Why does this matter?

Seeing your needs and perspectives represented in the design of digital services affects your agency and confidence to use them. It is no surprise that the demographic who design digital services affects who ends up using them and in turn who shows up in data; further deepening the inequality of an already unequal system. We must be careful not to exclude different demographic groups from design processes. Diversity in tech of tomorrow starts with the young people of today.


  • Whose role is it to consider how appealing tech jobs are to young people in all their diversity and adapt in response to this?
  • Do we need better indexing of who is taking up STEM in conjunction with who holds tech jobs so we can link education opportunities to future careers?
  • What strategies are working for diversifying the tech industry – from highlighting role models or mentorship to targeted communications or new opportunities?

Technology-related jobs are more appealing to younger children, young men, and those with higher income levels

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