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29 October 2021

Understanding Digital Families

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An exploration of how the shift to digital is compounding long-standing inequalities for many families and creating new challenges for all. Cliff Manning, from ParentZone, discusses the interplay between the factors impacting digital inequality and the complexity in understanding families’ relationship with technology.

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Digital access and inclusion
Image of Bailey

8 August 2022

Case study: Bailey opens up about being left behind during the transition to online

Living with dyslexia and mild cerebral palsy, Bailey's story is just one example of how barriers of disadvantage can expand the divide between young people. Bailey encourages us to question the extent to which online spaces are designed to be inclusive for all.

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Access to services
Image of Kiren

27 July 2022

Case study: Kiren discusses when her device does not suffice

14-year-old school student Kiren’s story focuses on her use of second hand digital devices. We gain insight into the difficulties she sometimes faces, and highlight the ways in which the devices she has access to are not always necessarily fit for purpose.

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Internet safety and countering harms
Who Cares? Scotland tile image

18 July 2022

Digital Wellbeing Report, Who Cares? Scotland

A report created by Who Cares? Scotland drawing on the findings from their survey created by the Digital Wellbeing Group. They spoke to people across 24 local authorities to identify the main dangers online and the effects that digital skills and technology may have on an individual’s emotional, social, physical, and mental health.

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Digital access and inclusion
Digital Poverty Alliance tile

1 July 2022

UK Digital Poverty Evidence Review 2022

Digital Poverty Alliance have launched their 2022 landmark report into digital poverty in the UK. It outlines five intertwined “determinants” of digital poverty that must be addressed simultaneously to help achieve digital equity in an increasingly digital world.

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Digital access and inclusion
Catch22 research paper 2 cover

22 June 2022

Who is being left behind in the digital revolution? Catch22

By conducting a series of focus groups and listening to the experiences of young people through the lens of digital disadvantage, the second insights paper seeks to identify who is being most impacted and those who are being left behind.

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Digital access and inclusion
Catch 22 research paper 1 cover image

16 June 2022

Opportunities and Barriers to Digital Skills and Access, Catch22

The first in a series of four insights papers developed by Catch22 and Nominet, in partnership with Bean Research, to explore the barriers to digital skills and access for some of the most disadvantaged young people in the UK.

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