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29 October 2021

Understanding Digital Families

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An exploration of how the shift to digital is compounding long-standing inequalities for many families and creating new challenges for all. Cliff Manning, from ParentZone, discusses the interplay between the factors impacting digital inequality and the complexity in understanding families’ relationship with technology.

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Digital access and inclusion
Woman on phone close up

17 March 2022

Data Poverty and the effects of being ‘data hungry’

An analysis of  ‘data poverty’ and what is deemed as essential. Dr. Emma Stone from Good Things Foundation explores how data poverty is shaped and the knock-on effects.

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Internet safety and countering harms
Image of interviewees, mum Sarah and 13 year old Grace

5 January 2022

Interview: Grace, 13, discusses internet safety with mum Sarah

Hear from Grace, 13, as she discusses internet safety, exploring social media and the impact of online learning on her and her classmates alongside mum Sarah.

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Access to services
Image of interviewee, Jacob aged 11

5 January 2022

Interview: Jacob, 11, discusses his digital experiences

Listen to 11-year-old Jacob discuss his home learning experience, access to technology, and his opinions on gaming consoles and how they impact emotion.

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Digital access and inclusion
Image of interviewee, Lenny aged 20

4 January 2022

Interview: University student Lenny, 20, on devices, connection and online negativity

Lenny shares his experiences with digital devices, the impact of poor internet connection on home learning and observing negative social media usage.

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Digital access and inclusion
Two children sat at desk using mobile devices

13 December 2021

Digital Access and Inclusion – The Orphan Issue?

Digital access and inclusion are contemporary issues of our age and now, whether we like it or not, an underlying issue that has become intrinsically linked to social mobility, loneliness, educational attainment, and welfare. Just like social housing and education – we need to carefully help it evolve and mature.

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Digital access and inclusion
Group of young people sitting and chatting

3 November 2021

The digital world: why data from young people is essential, not optional

One in five young people do not have access to a laptop or desktop, with expense being the most cited reason. Real world poverty creates digital poverty. And lack of digital access exacerbates cycles of socio-economic disadvantage.

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