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29 October 2021

Understanding Digital Families

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An exploration of how the shift to digital is compounding long-standing inequalities for many families and creating new challenges for all. Cliff Manning, from ParentZone, discusses the interplay between the factors impacting digital inequality and the complexity in understanding families’ relationship with technology.

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Digital access and inclusion
Image of interviewee, Lenny aged 20

4 January 2022

Interview: University student Lenny, 20, on devices, connection and online negativity

Lenny shares his experiences with digital devices, the impact of poor internet connection on home learning and observing negative social media usage.

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Physical and mental wellbeing
Young person by road

22 October 2021

State of the Youth Nation Tracker, YouthSight

This Spotlight article evidences the level of discriminatory/harmful content that Gen Z are exposed to online, and why this has risen compared to last year.

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Physical and mental wellbeing
Young child at laptop

22 October 2021

Investigating Risks and Opportunities for Children in a Digital World, UNICEF

An exploration of what the latest research about children and young people’s experiences with the internet and digital technology shows.

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Physical and mental wellbeing
Woman and young girl looking at laptop

22 October 2021

The Good Childhood Report, The Children’s Society

The Children’s Society’s Good Childhood Report shows the latest trends in children's well-being. The research seeks to understand how young people feel about different aspects of their lives.

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Physical and mental wellbeing
Two young people on their phones

21 October 2021

The Prince’s Trust Youth Index

Conducted by YouGov, The Prince's Trust Youth Index looks at the happiness and confidence of young people across a number of topics.

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