14 December 2022

21-year-old reveals the negative impact social media was having on his mental wellbeing

“There was a time when I was constantly comparing myself to people online.”

14 December 2022

21-year-old reveals the negative impact social media was having on his mental wellbeing

In this video series, we speak to six young people to find out what it’s like growing up in a digital world, touching on their personal experiences with online safety, digital access and the impact digital technology has had on their mental wellbeing.

We hear from a 21-year-old who shares his perspective on social media. He explains the different uses of various platforms and reveals the negative impact it was having on his mental wellbeing before taking the necessary precautions to reduce his content consumption.

Unveil more in-depth insights about young people’s relationship with digital technology by using our interactive data tool.

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